2015 Insurance Executive Conference

Chief Financial Officer of the Investments and Retirement Division
Transamerica Investments and Retirement
David came to I&R from the AEGON's Investment Division, where he was responsible for hedging. He spent much of his time with product groups internationally on the worldwide rollout of "5 for Life" and other guaranteed products. David was born in Louisville KY, and began his career there as a product development actuary, eventually joining AEGON through the acquisition of Providian in 1997. David left AEGON in 2001 to work in risk management and consulting before rejoining AEGON in 2006 from Ernst and Young. David has a B.S. from Excelsior College, is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He is married to Marianne and has three children: Audrey, Zoe, and David James Hopewell.